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McDowell Places
McDowell is the 626th most numerous surname in the United States (frequency is 0.019%; percentile is 37.802).

U.S. places named “McDowell”:

McDowell, Alabama, United States [Place] is in Sumter County; location is 32°31'24"N 87°55'19"W; elevation is 98 feet.
McDowell, Illinois, United States [Place] is in Livingston County; location is 40°49'50"N 88°35'6"W; elevation is 665 feet.
McDowell, Kentucky, United States [Place] is in Floyd County; location is 37°27'21"N 82°44'11"W; elevation is 705 feet.
McDowell, Missouri, United States [Place] is in Barry County; location is 36°49'27"N 93°47'35"W; elevation is 1,161 feet.
McDowell, North Carolina, United States [County]; population was 35,681 in 1990; housing units was 15,091 in 1990; location is 35°41'N 82°3'W; land area is 441.70 square miles (282,689 acres); water area is 4.73 square miles (3,030 acres).
McDowell, Virginia, United States [Place] is in Highland County; location is 38°20'8"N 79°29'27"W; elevation is 2,107 feet.
McDowell, West Virginia, United States [County]; population was 35,233 in 1990; housing units was 15,330 in 1990; location is 37°22'N 81°39'W; land area is 534.76 square miles (342,247 acres); water area is 0.18 square miles (116 acres).
McDowell, West Virginia, United States [Place] is in McDowell County; location is 37°24'10"N 81°22'50"W.

Abbey of Holyrood, Palace of Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland

Abbey of Holyrood (Interior)
Photo by M.E. Cowan
Where our Progenitor - Prince Fergus, 1st Lord of Galloway, died and is buried

Abbey of Holyrood (Interior, opposite view)
Photo by M.E. Cowan

Galloway, Scotland:

Panaramic view of the countryside
 The Ancient Home of the MacDowalls et al

Dundrennan Abbey
Dundrennan Abbey
Final Resting Place of Lord Alan de Galloway, 4th (and last) Lord of Galloway
Co-signatory of the Magna Carta

Garthland, Renfrewshire, (Galloway) Scotland:

  Barr Castle
The Macdowall's Barr Castle
Located in Garthland, Lochwinnoch,
Renfrewshire, Scotland
(Photos by Mary Kay and Les McDowell, July 1998)

Glen Esk, Angus, Scotland:

Glen Esk
Glen Esk (below Loch Lee)
Located near Edzell, Angus, Scotland
Further up the glen from Doulie Cottage (my former home: April 1981 -  April 1983)

Glenoe, Raloo Parish, County Antrim, Northern Ireland:

Ephriam McDowell standing outside the Blacksmith shop in Glenoe
The young man standing in the right foreground (at left, with his left arm outstretched with the other on hip) is Ephriam McDowell, b. 1884.
Young Ephriam (age abt 20 yrs) at the time of this photo was working as an apprentice Blacksmith.
(Caption Info and photo graciously provided by his grandson Hugh McDowell, December 2006)

The village of Gleno
The Village of Glenoe
Located near Larne, Raloo Parish, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Gleno, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Glenoe (further down the road above)
Located near Larne, Raloo Parish, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Gleno waterfall
The Waterfall at Glenoe
Located near Gleno, Raloo Parish, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Raloo, County Antrim, Northern Ireland:

Raloo Cemetery
The Old Raloo Cemetery
Located in Raloo, near Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina:

McDowell House

The McDowell House at Quaker Meadows
Located in
Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina

Quaker Meadows Cemetery

The McDowell Cemetery at Quaker Meadows
Located in
Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina

Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky:

Dr. Ephraim McDowell House

The Dr. Ephraim McDowell House and Apothecary
Located in
Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky

Call for additions: Do you know of any photos or drawings of McDowell plantations, settler homes, or family cemeteries? If so, drop me a line and I will gladly (with appreciation) add them here.

MacDowall Family Castles (mainly in Galloway): If anyone knows of any existing pictures (photos or drawings) of the following MacDowall family castles, please drop me a line. I would love to add them here:

Auchness Castle
Castle Semple
Garthland Castle
Heston Island
Logan Tower
Machermore Castle
Old Place of Mochrum
Ravenstone Castle

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