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References, Suggested Reading, and Special Acknowledgements

I highly recommend James Webb's new book: Born Fighting - How The Scots-Irish Shaped America

The following lists reference materials referred to in this work and are offered for suggested
reading on the McDowells:

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Special Acknowledgements:

"My special thanks and gratitude go out to Diana Schafer Ford and Sherrill U. Williams of the United States for their kinship, generous and invaluable support, encouragement, and tireless assistance in my continued research of the McDowell and related families."

"My sincere thanks to Dr. Fergus Day Hort Macdowall (27th of Garthland, and present Chief of the Name and Arms) of Canada for his correspondence, insights, and generous assistance."

"Special thanks also go to my brother, Dr. Richard Lane McDowell, for sparking my initial interest in conducting research on the family, for pushing me beyond the 'John begat Isaac, who begat William...', and for encouraging my writing."

- Leo B. McDowell


COPYRIGHT © 2000 Leo B. McDowell

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